Day: March 4, 2024

Office etiquette coaching from LaSean R. Shelton

LaSean Shelton soft skills coaching 2024: Dr. LaSean Rinique Shelton is an Educator specializing in Training the Trainer series where she teaches professionals Project Management basics, Soft Skills, Microsoft Office Suites, Realignment of Expectations, Office Etiquette, Dress for that Gig, Goal Setting, How to Re-Engineer your Mindset and more—Dr. Shelton’s goal is to encourage through […]

Top electric classic cars advices 2024

Electric classic cars information 2024 with Electric classic cars are not just a means of getting from point A to point B; they’re a cultural phenomenon. They’re redefining our perceptions of classic cars, sustainability and style. They’re bridging generational gaps, appealing to enthusiasts young and old. And they’re making a statement—a statement that values […]

Kathleen Tamburino South Florida top real estate tricks right now

Kathleen Tamburino Florida awesome realtor tricks in 2024: Florida has become a hotbed for ‘motivated’ sellers in the real estate market, showcasing a significant trend that is reshaping the landscape for buyers and investors alike. With nearly 5,000 listings flagged as motivated on Zillow as of February 28, the state stands out against the backdrop […]

High quality electric cars tips 2024

Electric classic autos tips today by Revival Autos: Before we dive into details let’s set the stage with some compelling statistics: Cultural Resonance: Over last decade, the interest in electric classic cars has surged by a staggering 85% reflecting a growing cultural shift towards sustainability. Millennial Enthusiasm: Contrary to belief that classic cars are a […]

Top Moissanite engagement rings online store 2024

Moissanite diamond jewelry US creator right now from While moissanite is relatively free from inclusions compared to many other gemstones, clarity can still affect its appearance. in moissanite, needle-like inclusions can be found. Look for moissanite stones with minimal to no visible inclusions or blemishes, as these can detract from the stone’s brilliance and […]

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